Salta all'indice principale


Ben Allen Boa Ben Allen Boa Action
Charles "Ben" usa Boa per all mountain stuffs; Funding Warhammer 40k/AoS
Charles "Ben" Allen
Quality Technician
Kim Ammon Boa Kim Ammon Boa
Kimberly usa Boa per Skiing, trail running, hiking
Kimberly Ammon
Account Payable & Payroll Specialist
Matt Ando Anderson Boa Matt Ando Anderson Boa Action
Matt "Ando" usa Boa per riding dinosaurs & listening to Iron Maiden.
Matt "Ando" Anderson
Field Test Supervisor
Nick Annis Boa Nick Annis Boa Action
Nick usa Boa per the original fidget spinner.
Nick Annis
Field Test Engineer
Marco Armiraglio Boa Marco Armiraglio Boa
Marco usa Boa per ski mountaineering, hiking and cycling.
Marco Armiraglio
Factory Support Manager
Adam Auell Boa Adam Auell Boa Action
Adam usa Boa per Bikes
Adam Auell
Testing Manager
Alois Badegruber Boa Alois Badegruber Boa Action
Alois usa Boa per everywhere, what else?
Alois Badegruber
Hilke Badegruber Boa Hilke Badegruber Boa Action
Hilke usa Boa per cycling, running, ski touring, being active.
Hilke Badegruber
Marketing Manager EMEA
Elissa Banker Boa Elissa Banker boa action
Elissa usa Boa per micro-adjustments to my beach chair.
Elissa Banker
Content Manager
Matthias Beckerhinn Boa Matthias Beckerhinn Boa Action
Matthias usa Boa per running, cycling, ski-mountaineering ... and walking of course ;-).
Matthias Beckerhinn
Account Manager Professional EMEA
Russell Bennett Russell Bennett Boa Action
Russell usa Boa per running, MTB, and freestyle walking.
Russell Bennett
Manager, Manufacturing Excellence
Ashley Blakemore Boa Ashley Blakemore Boa Action
Ashley usa Boa per Trail running, hiking, & mountain biking
Ashley Blakemore
Product Marketing Manager
Grant Boney Boa Grant Boney Boa Action
Grant usa Boa per rafting and kayaking.
Grant Boney
Manufacturing Excellence Engineer
Julie Brill Boa Julie Brill Boa Action
Julie usa Boa per hiking, exploring, walking & golf.
Julie Brill
Senior AR Specialist
Erin Bruck Boa Erin Brucks Boa Action
Erin usa Boa per hoodrat things with hoodrat friends.
Erin Brucks
Associate Brand Manager
Elysse Caldwell Boa Elyse Caldwell Boa Action
Elyse usa Boa per undertakings ending in -ing. Cat walking, bathing suiting, badmintoning, lobstering.
Elyse Caldwell
Global Development Support Manager & CRM Lead
Somang Choi Boa Somang Choi Boa Action
Somang usa Boa per hiking, cycling, casual.
Somang Choi
Regional Account Manager - Korea
Mark clementi Boa Mark Clementi Boa Action
Mark usa Boa per Design Engineer
Mark Clementi
Design Engineer
David Clifton Boa David Clifton Boa Action
David usa Boa per cycling, hiking, hunting, everyday wear.
David Clifton
Manager of Document Control
Stephen Collins Boa Stephen Collins Boa Action
Stephen usa Boa per climbing trees.
Stephen Collins
Facility Coordinator
Cary Conwell Boa Cary Conwell Boa Action
Cary usa Boa per cycling, office jobing.
Cary Conwell
Development Support Coordinator
Jesse Cotterman Boa Jesse Cotterman Boa Action
Jesse usa Boa per motorcycle-snowboard-bicycle-kids-beer!!
Jesse Cotterman
Product Line Lead
John Crow Boa John Crow boa Action
John usa Boa per cycling, hockey, lacrosse, golf.
John Crow
Factory Account Supervisor
Tim Dawson Boa Tim Dawson Boa Action
Timothy usa Boa per competitive rock skipping.
Timothy Dawson
Engineering Technician
Jason Deugan Boa Jason Deugan Boa Action
Jason usa Boa per trail running and mountain bike posing.
Jason Deugan
Materials Manager
Dave Dickensheets Boa Dave Dickensheets Boa Action
David usa Boa per fishing, snowboarding, mtn biking slowly.
David Dickensheets
Director of Product Development
Bobby Dickensheets Boa Bobby Dickensheets Boa Action
Bobby usa Boa per running, climbing mountains, and bowling.
Bobby Dickensheets
Patent Analyst
Joesf Duller Boa Josef Duller Boa Action
Josef usa Boa per MTB, dirt biking, van driving.
Josef Duller
Design Engineer
Bradley Dyksterhouse Bradley Dyksterhouse Boa Action
Bradley usa Boa per fishing, mountain biking, dog walking.
Bradley Dyksterhouse
Associate Product Engineer
Claudia Egginger Boa Claudia Egginger Boa Action
Claudia usa Boa per outdoor activities & on shiny sneakers.
Claudia Egginger
Marketing Coordinator EMEA
Maria Eisl Boa Maria Eisl Boa Action
Maria usa Boa per having the time of her life.
Maria Eisl
Graphic Designer EMEA
Stefan Engl Boa Stefan Engl Boa Action
Stefan usa Boa per all kinds of fun outdoor activities.
Stefan Engl
Prototyper EMEA
Emiliano Escandon Falcon Boa Emiliano Escandon Falcon Boa Action
Emiliano usa Boa per archery, grilling with RHCP, parenting (drinking)…
Emiliano Escandón Falcón
Applications Engineer & CPD Team Lead EMEA
Judit Fabian Boa Judit Fabian Boa Action
Judit usa Boa per Development Support Specialist EMEA
Judit Fabian
Development Support Specialist EMEA
John Fig Boa John Fig Boa Action
John usa Boa per cycling and mountain biking.
John Figueiredo
Global CPD & AE Director
Brendan Fung boa Brendan Fun Action
Brendan usa Boa per tightly-bundled sleeping.
Brendan Fung
Color Quality Coordinator
Jeff Gay Boa Jeff gay boa action
Jeffrey usa Boa per biking, working out, and around town.
Jeffrey Gay
Associate Product Engineer
Patrick Hackl Boa Patrick Hackl Boa Action
Patrick usa Boa per cycling, trail running and ski mountaineering.
Patrick Hackl
Account Manager Sport EMEA
Christine Hagn Boa Christine Hagn Boa
Christine usa Boa per running and hiking.
Christine Hagn
Customer Service EMEA
Danielle Hambleton Boa Danielle Hambleton Boa Action
Danielle usa Boa per riding, running, cycling and everything in between.
Danielle Hambleton
Brand Director
Theresa Hauser Boa Theresa Hauser Boa Action
Theresa usa Boa per sliding down mountains, running up them.
Theresa Hauser
Cody Henderson Boa Cody Henderson Boa Action
Cody usa Boa per biking, working on-site and around town.
Cody Henderson
Director of Advanced Product Development
Anna Hetman Boa Anna Hetman Boa Action
Anna usa Boa per Hiking colorful Colorado!
Anna Hetman
Global Prototyping Manager
Dan Hipwood Boa Dan Hipwood Boa Action
Daniel usa Boa per when clutch kicking & heel-toe shifting.
Daniel Hipwood
Senior Design Engineer
Ryan Hoeft Boa Ryan Hoeft Boa Action
Ryan usa Boa per bikes, hikes & golf, oh my.
Ryan Hoeft
Corporate Controller
Phillip Horne Boa Phillip Horne Boa Action
Phillip usa Boa per cycling, hiking, skateboarding, all on my feet and adjusting the length of my guitar strap.
Phillip Horne
Eric Irwin Boa Eric Irwin Boa Action
Eric usa Boa per cycling, snowboarding, crushing it.
Eric Irwin
Principal Design Engineer
Eriko Ishibashi Boa Eriko Ishibashi Boa Action
Eriko usa Boa per hiking, snowshoeing, working out.
Eriko Ishibashi
Executive Assistant
Zach Jensen Boa Zach Jensen Boa
Zach usa Boa per every time a performance fit is needed.
Zach Jensen
Senior Prototyper
Martin Jeong Boa Martin Jeong Boa Action
Martin usa Boa per hiking, training, running, camping, casual.
Martin Jeong
Development Support Specialist
Tyler Johnston Tyler Johnston
Tyler usa Boa per I believe it's called jogging or yogging.
Tyler Johnston
Development Support Specialist
Michael Kabicher Boa Michael Kabicher Boa Action
Michael usa Boa per activities in the mountains.
Michael Kabicher
Account Manager Sport EMEA
Laura Kanaly Boa Laura Kanaly Boa Action
Laura usa Boa per hiking, dog walking, athleisuring.
Laura Kanaly
Marketing Coordinator
Inji Kang Boa Inji Kang Action
Inji usa Boa per hiking, casual, daily use.
Inji Kang
Regional Account Manager - Korea
Amy Kang Boa Amanda Kang Boa Action
Amy usa Boa per hiking, training, running, casual.
Amy Kang
Sourcing Coordinator - Webbing Operations
Dave Kaplan Boa Dave Kaplan Boa Action
David usa Boa per mountain biking, road biking, and for work.
David Kaplan
Aftermarket Support Specialist
Emily Kara Boa Emily Kara Boa Action
Emily usa Boa per mixing and matching with my vast array of green flannels.
Emily Kara
Development Support Coordinator
Karina Kastner Boa Karina Kastner Boa Action
Karina usa Boa per hiking, training, and running.
Karina Kastner
Development Support Specialist EMEA
Mark Kerns Boa Mark Kerns Action Boa
Mark usa Boa per I use it on my bike. I use it as I like.
Mark Kerns
Applications Engineer & CPD Team Lead
Andi Kilness Boa Andi Kilness Boa Action
Andi usa Boa per Snowboarding/Mopeds/Cats
Andi Kilness
Senior Prototyper
Benny Kim Boa Benny Kim Boa Action
Benny usa Boa per hiking, training, running, golf, as a fashion item.
Benny Kim
Marketing Manager
Julia Kreiner Boa Julia Kreiner Boa
Julia usa Boa per wandering where the WIFI is weak.
Julia Kreiner
Development Support Specialist
Randon Kruse Boa Randon Kruse Boa Action
Randon usa Boa per all the fun outside things.
Randon Kruse
Senior Design Engineer
Patrick Lawrence Boa Patrick Lawrence Boa Action
Patrick usa Boa per to help himself perform better every day.
Patrick Lawrence
AM - Cycling & New Business Manager
Karissa Layden Boa Karissa Layden Boa Action
Karissa usa Boa per running, hiking, fishing.
Karissa Layden
Regional Account Manager - Medical
Jeanne Leasure Boa Jeanne Leasure Boa Action
Jeanne usa Boa per snowboarding, hiking, dog walking.
Jeanne Leasure
Director of Human Resources
Becca Lee Boa Becca Lee Boa Action
Becca usa Boa per hiking, training, running, casual.
Becca Lee
Factory Account Coordinator - Korea
Luke Leighty Boa Luke Leighty Boa Action
Luke usa Boa per spinning my toes in circles on bikes.
Luke Liechty
Quality Technician
Amanda Lowell Boa Amanda Lowell Boa Action
Amanda usa Boa per Running, Walking, Hiking, Casual, Golf
Amanda Lowell
Administrative Assistant
Alessandro Manzato Boa Alessandro Manzato Boa action
Alessandro usa Boa per pretending to be a mtber, skier, hiker & designer.
Alessandro Manzato
Applications Engineer & CPD Team Lead EMEA
Jana Marley Boa Jana Marley Boa Action
Jana usa Boa per hiking and running.
Jana Marley
Creative Project Coordinator
Conrad McCarthy Boa Conrad McCarthy Boa Action
Conrad usa Boa per beer handups, single-track, -speeds, -malts.
Conrad McCarthy
Color Quality Coordinator
Toby McDell Boa Toby McDell Boa Action
Toby usa Boa per his adrenaline fix….this s***’s addictive!
Toby McDell
EMEA & GBU Mountain Marketing Manager
Nate Meister boa Nate Meister Boa Action
Nathan usa Boa per hunting, fishing, extreme brewing.
Nathan Meister
Testing Quality Coordinator
Ryan Miller Boa Ryan Miller Boa Action
Ryan usa Boa per running, cycling.
Ryan Miller
Manager, Supplier Excellence
Ilya Minkin Boa Ilya Minkin Boa Action
Ilya usa Boa per snowboarding.
Ilya Minkin
Dir. Strategic Planning & Product Marketing
Clark Morgan Boa Clark Morgan Boa Action
Clark usa Boa per Ironman and snowboarding.
Clark Morgan
Acct. Manager - Run & Athletic Fit Specialist
Shawn Neville Boa Shawn Neville Boa Action
Shawn usa Boa per outrunning a gazelle in New Balance, 450 yard drives in Ecco & adidas, races in Fizik, without a good physique.
Shawn Neville
Andrea Nielsen Boa Andrea Nielsen Boa Action
Andrea usa Boa per Skiing, Cycling, Hiking
Andrea Nielsen
Senior Buyer/Planner
Isabella Oberhauser Boa Isabella Oberhauser Boa
Isabella usa Boa per exploring the mountains in all kind of ways and martial arts.
Isabella Oberhauser
Prototype Technician
Jason Peters Boa Jason Peters Boa Action
Jason usa Boa per golf, snowboarding, cycling.
Jason Peters
Account Manager - Golf
Marcel Piermayr Boa Marcel Piermayr Boa Action
Marcel usa Boa per cycling, ski mountaineering, hiking and running.
Marcel Piermayr
Marketing Coordinator EMEA
Tommy Pollack Boa Tommy Pollack boa Action
Thomas usa Boa per volleyballing, gymnasium stuff, XC skiin.
Thomas Pollack
Product Line Lead
Arjun Pravin Boa Arjun Pravin Boa Action
Arjun usa Boa per With style
Arjun Pravin
IT Help Desk Representative
Tim Rechetniak Boa Tim Rechetniak Boa Action
Tim usa Boa per snowboarding, bIkes, dog walk, goin fast.
Tim Rechetniak
Customer Service Representative
Jay Rhodes Boa Jay rhodes boa action
Jay usa Boa per snow, fish, bike, climb, coffee.
Jay Rhodes
Account Manager - Athletic
Carlo Ritschl Boa Carlo Ritschl Boa Action
Carlo usa Boa per fishing, snowboarding, and ping pong.
Carlo Ritschl
Associate Digital Marketing Manager
Claudia Roither Boa Claudia Roither Boa
Claudia usa Boa per biking, skiing and having fun!
Claudia Roither
Development Support Specialist EMEA
Roland Rotheneder boa Roland Rotheneder boa Action
Roland usa Boa per running and golf.
Roland Rotheneder
Account Manager Professional EMEA
Melanie Rutman Boa Melanie Rutman Boa Action
Melanie usa Boa per running, volleyball, hiking, walking my two fur dudes.
Melanie Rutman
Development Support Specialist
Shige Saito Boa Shige Saito Boa Action
Shige usa Boa per snowboarding, golf, running, cycling, MTB, casual.
Shige Saito
Regional Account Manager
Ben Sample boa Ben Sample Boa Action
Ben usa Boa per Up things, down things, through stuff
Ben Sample
Chris Schmdit Boa Chris Schmdit Boa Action
Christopher usa Boa per snowboarding, hiking, training, biking.
Christopher Schmidt
GBU Analyst - Professional
Noah Schum Boa Noah Schum Boa Action
Noah usa Boa per huntin', fishin', ridin', runnin'.
Noah Schum
Capacity Planner
Elisabeth Schwaighofer Boa Elisabeth Schwaighofer Boa Action
Elisabeth usa Boa per outdoor activities.
Elisabeth Schwaighofer
Office Coordinator EMEA
Kevin Sheehy Boa Kevin Sheehy Boa Action
Kevin usa Boa per for every activity that makes me smile.
Kevin Sheehy
Account Manager - Outdoor
Maxx Shuichi Wada Boa Maxx Shuichi Wada Boa Action
Maxx usa Boa per snowboarding, golf, cycling, running, casual.
Maxx Shuichi Wada
General Manager
Eric Mike spencer Boa Eric Mike spencer Boa Action
Eric "mike" usa Boa per snow, bikes, & "dunking" on fools.
Eric "mike" Spencer
Graphic Designer
Stefan Sporrer Boa Stefan Sporrer Boa Action
Stefan usa Boa per cycling, running, hiking, all kinds of outdoor activities.
Stefan Sporrer
Prototyper EMEA
Joe Starmer Boa Joe Starmer Boa Action
Joe usa Boa per riding bikes and running.
Joe Starmer
Graphic Designer
Matt Stepanian Boa Matt Stepanian Boa Action
Matt usa Boa per golfing, skiing & airport security lines.
Matt Stepanian
Development Support Specialist
Masaki Sumino Boa Masaki Sumino Boa Action
Masaki usa Boa per mtb dh, golf, snowboard, running, Converse Retrofit.
Masaki Sumino
Technical Sales Support
Kimmer Swanson Boa Kimmer Swanson Boa action
Kimmer usa Boa per golfing & running.
Kimmer Swanson
Senior Accountant
Rina Takahashi Boa Rina Takahashi Boa
Rina usa Boa per running, snowboarding.
Rina Takahashi
Office Coordinator
Dieter Tantius Boa Dieter Tantius Boa Action
Dieter usa Boa per bikes and boards.
Dieter Tantius
Senior Factory Account Coordinator
Kevin Thompson Boa Kevin Thompson Boa Action
Kevin usa Boa per motocross, snowmobiling, fishing, tailgating.
Kevin Thompson
Global Business Unit Director - Professional
Lonnie Thomsen Boa Lonnie Thomsen Boa Action
Lonnie usa Boa per cycling, running, extreme trail skipping.
Lonnie Thomsen
Director of Business Systems
Cody Trout Boa Cody Trout Boa Action
Cody usa Boa per golf, running, lifting.
Cody Trout
Quality Technician
Shelby Trueax Boa Shelby Trueax Boa Action
Shelby usa Boa per snow frolicking, sports playing.
Shelby Trueax
Color Pallet/Config1 Administrator
Coulter Vogt Boa Coulter Vogt Boa Action
Coulter usa Boa per golf, running, hiking.
Coulter Vogt
Product Line Lead
Ryan Vogt Boa Ryan Vogt Boa Action
Ryan usa Boa per running, mountain biking, goat watching.
Ryan Vogt
Factory Account Coordinator
Shingo Watanabe Boa Shingo Watanabe Boa Action
Shingo usa Boa per snowboarding, running, camping, and daily use.
Shingo Watanabe
Marketing Manager
Eric Weis Boa Eric Weis Boa Action
Eric usa Boa per running, golf, hiking, and cycling.
Eric Weis
Global Business Unit Director - Athletic
Ryan Wesson Boa Ryan Wesson Boa Action
Ryan usa Boa per motocross, mountain bikes and climbing on rocks.
Ryan Wesson
Test Engineer
Eric Whewell Boa Eric Whewell Boa Action
Eric usa Boa per bikery and joggen.
Eric Whewell
Senior Industrial Designer
Tamara White Boa Tamara White Boa Action
Tamara usa Boa per biking, running, training, looking good.
Tamara White
Advanced Product Visionary
Alicia Williams Boa Alicia Williams Boa Action
Alicia usa Boa per snowboarding, working out, and just plain everyday life
Alicia Williams
Executive Assistant
Daniel Woo Boa Daniel Woo Boa Action
Daniel usa Boa per training, running, casual.
Daniel Woo
Development Support Specialist
Shannon Woodard Boa Shannon Woodard Boa Action
Shannon usa Boa per snowboarding, hiking, bowling, toddler chasing.
Shannon Woodard
Global Business Unit Marketing Manager - Professional
Woody Woodard Boa Woody Woodard boa Action
Jeffrey "Woody" usa Boa per SNOWBOARDING, snowmobiling, fishing, hiking.
Jeffrey "Woody" Woodard
Global Snowboard Lead & Sr Account Manager
Karl Wurm Boa Karl Wurm Boa Action
Karl usa Boa per 40 characters can't even begin to explai.
Karl Wurm
Senior Development Support Specialist
Maggie Zawalski Boa Maggie Zawalski Boa Action
Maggie usa Boa per pedaling up hills & running around parks.
Maggie Zawalski
Development Support Specialist
Matt Zwiesler Boa Matt Swiesler Boa Action
Matt usa Boa per snowboarding, hiking, having fun!
Matt Zwiesler
Applications Engineer & CPD Team Lead